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Electrolysis Hair Removal
Elaine Lyons, Electrologist
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About Me

So many people need a hair removal solution that works. When a customer feels better about how they look, or gains the confidence they've always wanted, I know I've done my job well. I have been practicing hair removal by electrolysis for over 40 years in Lee County. I pride myself on my extensive training and happy customers.

How it Works

Every person is different, so a free consultation is the best way to estimate the time and cost of electrolysis for you.

I will recommend 15-minute, 30-minute or 1-hour sessions lessening in frequency over time.

As we begin our first session, I insert a tiny probe into the hair follicle. When I press a foot pedal, electricity flows through the probe and destroys the root. This causes the hair to become detached from the root and allows it to slide out easily. Over a period of time the root is completely destroyed, it does not grow back.

Multiple sessions are required because each hair needs to be treated during its growth phase. However, you will see results after each session and notice dramatic improvement within 4 weeks. Most people are completely finished with treatment in about one year.

Better than
Laser Hair Removal?

All hair and skin types can benefit from electrolysis. Laser hair removal does not work on certain skin types and does not work for white, gray, red or blonde hair. Electrolysis targets the hair follicle based on the skill of the electrologist. So if you have been told you are not a good candidate for laser hair removal, you can still have electrolysis and be hair free.

Session Rates

With electrolysis, you can pay as you go. No costly upfront payments. You will see the treatments working over time. My customers continue because they are happy with the results.

15-minute Session $30

30-minute Session $45

1-Hour Session $70

Pay as you go - Cash or Check


Want to know how much it will cost, how long it will take and how frequently you will need treatments? I'd be happy to schedule a free consultation for you. You won't be subject to any "hard sell" tactics, just an honest evaluation of your needs. Please call me today at 239-699-9068 and allow me to schedule your free consultation.

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Phone (239) 699-9068